Conference theme: “Changing Climates”

Dates: Wednesday, November 20 – Sunday, November 24, 2019

We will be convening in Vancouver, on unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

The deadline for the General Call for Papers has passed.

However, you can still register to attend the conference or participate by submitting a Late-Breaking Session (see below).

To attend the joint conference through CASCA, you must:

  1. pay for your CASCA membership (click here)
  2. pay for your conference registration through CASCA (click here)

Membership and registration

Your membership status must be up to date and your conference registration fee must be paid to attend the conference. You can pay for membership and the conference at the same time.

CASCA membership rates and benefits are listed here. CASCA conference rates are listed here.

Questions? Contact Karli Whitmore,

Late-Breaking Sessions

Late Breaking Sessions can be proposed from August 14 to September 11 (notifications sent the week of October 7).

Late-Breaking Sessions are topical, timely, and relevant to current events. Both CASCA and AAA members may submit proposals for Late-Breaking Sessions. A very limited number will be accepted.

To submit a Late-Breaking Session through CASCA, you must:

  1. Be a member of CASCA. Check your membership status with Karli Whitmore at  or pay for your membership by clicking here.
  2. Email Karli Whitmore at to say that you intend to submit a Late-Breaking Session. You must do this by September 3 at the latest so that she can manually upload your details and give you access to the AAA submissions portal.
  3. Submit your proposal through the AAA submission portal by September 11 (3 pm ET). Accept/decline notifications will be sent the week of October 7.
  4. If accepted, pay for your conference registration through CASCA (click here) by October 25, to allow time for manual upload to the AAA system by October 28.

Submission and review criteria

Submissions are considered “late-breaking” if they meet the following criteria:

  • The topic must be directly relevant to current events (see themes below).
  • Presentations must offer findings that were not available until after the April 10, 2019 General Call for Papers submission deadline.
  • Applicants may submit late-breaking abstracts even if they have had another abstract accepted for presentation, but abstracts submitted prior to the general submission deadline may not be resubmitted.

The topical themes for this year’s Annual Meeting Late-Breaking Sessions are:

  • Environmental change
  • Migration and displacement
  • Human rights (academic freedom, sexual harassment/assault, LGBTQ rights, etc.)
  • Indigenous-settler relations
  • Race and social justice
  • Global health
  • Cultural heritage protection
  • Conflict and collaboration
  • Other scholarship-informed late-breaking topics

There are three formats for Late-Breaking Sessions:

  • Oral Presentation Sessions
  • Roundtable
  • Individual Galleries

If you are submitting as a group of four to seven people, you may choose either the Oral Presentation Session or Roundtable category. If you are submitting as an individual, you must choose the Individual Gallery category. For details of these session types, see the AAA webpage (in English only).

You can advertise Late-Breaking Sessions or offer a paper for one in the joint CASCA-AAA Collaboration Zone. Submit a posting here. View postings here. You can also advertise to find presenters through the CASCA listserv. Email for circulation and posting on the Conference Classifieds page.

All Late-Breaking submissions will be reviewed using the following questions:

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the least and 5 being the most, to what extent does the submission:

  1. Connect anthropological knowledge to current events with a newsworthy hook?
  2. Make a strong connection to the main theme, Changing Climates: Struggle, Collaboration, and Justice / Changer d’air: Lutte, collaboration et justice?
  3. Directly concern one of the themes above OR make a compelling case for presenting insights concerning another category of current events?
  4. Promise a thoughtful, intellectually rigorous treatment of the subject matter from people with direct research experience OR a position of formal responsibility for the subject in question?

Membership, registration, and eligibility criteria

All session participants must be CASCA or AAA members at the time of proposal submission. Non-member guests may be permitted to present under compelling circumstances.

Registration for the conference is not required at the time of proposal submission. However, if the Late-Breaking Session is accepted, all session participants will need to register for the conference via the organization of which they are a member no later than 3 pm ET, October 28 (deadline is October 25 for CASCA). Participants who fail to register by the deadline will not be able to participate in the Late-Breaking Session and will be removed from the program.

The “one-plus-one” rule limiting presenters to one major role and one secondary role does not apply to Late-Breaking Sessions. Individuals may participate in Late-Breaking Session submissions even if they are serving in roles on other accepted presentations.


  • August 14: Submission portal opens for Late-Breaking Session submissions.
  • September 3: Deadline for paying/confirming membership and contacting Karli Whitmore with intention to submit.
  • September 11 (3 pm ET, 8 pm GMT):  Submission portal closes for Late-Breaking Session submissions
  • Week of October 7:  Accept/decline notifications sent out.
  • October 25: CASCA conference registration deadline for accepted Late-Breaking Session participants.
  • October 28 (3 pm ET):  Final AAA system registration deadline for accepted Late-Breaking Session participants. Participants who are not registered by this date forfeit their participation in the Late-Breaking Session. 

Questions? Contact Karli Whitmore,

Program integration

We are using the AAA’s submission portal in order to ensure a truly integrated program. No proposals can be accepted through the CASCA website.

  • CASCA is one of the ‘sections’ to which all conference participants – whether they are AAA or CASCA members – can submit their proposals for review. All participants are also free to submit their proposals for review by other sections of the AAA.
  • Any proposal for any section can be submitted and reviewed in French. AAA and CASCA will support sections with resources to review proposals in French.
  • We created a joint CASCA-AAA Collaboration Zone where you can advertise sessions or find a session for your paper. Submit a posting here. View postings here.
  • Organizers of sessions can also advertise to find presenters through the CASCA listserv. Email for circulation and posting on the Conference Classifieds page.

Due to the complexity of scheduling the program at a conference this size, we are following the AAA’s limits on the numbers of session roles each registrant can hold. An individual is allowed to present one major role (oral presentation/installation/flash, roundtable, or gallery/poster presenter) PLUS one secondary role (oral presentation or roundtable discussant) per meeting; OR two secondary roles throughout the conference. (Note: this limit does not apply to Late-Breaking Session submissions.) There are no limits on holding additional minor roles (session organizer, chair/roundtable introducer, or co-author). Find out more here.

Questions? You might find an answer in the AAA’s Annual Meeting FAQs. Or contact Karli Whitmore,

Past Deadlines

Executive Sessions

The deadline for proposing Executive Sessions passed on February 7. Notifications were sent out in March.

General Call for Papers

The deadline for the General Call for Papers passed on April 10. Notifications will be sent in the week of July 22.

Access your submission through the AAA’s submission portal here.

In the General Call for Papers, you can submit several types of proposals:

  • Oral Presentation Sessions
  • Roundtables
  • Individually Volunteered Papers
  • Group Gallery Sessions
  • Individual Galleries
  • Installations
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring Events

Find out more about each proposal type here.

Note that each full session is 105 minutes long, divided into 15-minute timeslots for papers and/or discussants (except for workshops, which are offered in 2-, 4-, or 8-hour timeslots). Find out more about the number of presenters and timing of Oral Presentation Sessions here (scroll down).

To propose a double or triple session, submit two or three separate session proposals, marking them clearly as ‘part 1’, ‘part 2’, ‘part 3’. While the CASCA review committee will view these favourably, each proposal will be reviewed individually and ranked by its merit. For instance, Part II may be accepted while Part I may not, or vice versa. We will make every effort to schedule accepted series of sessions in the proper order, but cannot guarantee it.

Film Festival

CASCA members can submit films to the juried Film Festival for the joint CASCA-AAA conference, organized by the Society for Visual Anthropology. Find out more at the SVA page here. The deadline was April 15 (student deadline was May 5). A discount code was available to CASCA members to submit their film with the ‘regular deadline’ fee. Write to Karli Whitmore at to obtain the code. Please note that you are a CASCA member in your submission details, so we can ensure CASCA representation in the program.

Special Events

The window for proposing Special Events was April 17 to May 15 (notifications will be sent the week of July 29).

  • Board Meetings
  • Business Meetings
  • Committee/Organizing Meetings
  • Receptions

Most Special Events are limited to timeslots of 75 minutes. 

Priority in the assignment of time and space will be given to CASCA, AAA and Section business, board, interest groups, and committee meetings. Other special events will be accommodated to the degree possible.

The Special Events Program will not accommodate panels, papers or professional presentations that belong on the scholarly program. Special Events not sponsored by CASCA, the AAA or any of the AAA’s affiliated sections will be charged a $500 administrative fee to be included in the conference program.